Worship Service with Neal Morse

On Sept 9th, Neal Morse will visit Trinity Church, Brentwood to conduct a worship service in which he will sing a mixture of solo and congregational worship songs.

Neal Morse is a singer, song-writer and multi-instrumentalist who, over the last 10 years or so, has almost single-handedly reinvented the genre of Progressive Rock music, yet at the same time stayed faithful to its musical foundations laid by the bands of the 60’s and 70’s such as Procul Harum, Yes, Genesis, King Crimson and Gentle Giant.

In 2002, Neal Morse became a Christian and immediately started to integrate his faith into his music.  The result has been that all his music is now strongly influenced by Christianity, even though the song lyrics are often not overtly Christian.

Neal’s music also covers many more genres than Progressive Rock.  His Christian albums such as ‘Mighty To Save’  are collections of Christian choruses and ballads that could be sung in any church service.

You can find more of Neal’s music here.