Update from Trustees 29 April 2015

We wanted to make a short statement to clarify a couple of points that have come to our attention over the last few days.

Firstly, John Langlois has confirmed that he has discussed with his Commission team, and they have agreed the following: if anyone is concerned about meeting the whole Commission team, the Commission are willing for a subset of the Commission team to meet that person (with at least the Chairman present). Then, that person’s representation will be anonymised by the Commission subset, before giving it to the rest of the Commission team. Confidentiality is a clear part of the Terms of Reference and the Commission’s report will be anonymised when it is presented and published. None of the Leaders or Trustees will be privy to any names of people who make representation to the Commission (unless people have given express permission to be named). We are putting these measures in place to help as many people as possible feel confident to approach the Commission, so that it can achieve reconciliation wherever possible and cause no more hurt.

Secondly, we wanted to clarify that John Langlois’s name was suggested by the Evangelical Alliance, and that following a telephone interview with John Langlois and two Trustees, the Trustees appointed him (endorsed by the Leaders) to run the Commission. In other words, John was not appointed by the Evangelical Alliance, the Evangelical Alliance suggested John Langlois as being a candidate for the post of independent Chair of the Commission, and Trinity appointed him.

Please keep John and the Commission team in your prayers over the coming weeks and months.