Update from Trustees 20th November 2014

There are three areas to update you on:

1. Next steps on the consultation

The meeting scheduled for this Friday  21st November to talk more about our future vision has had to be postponed. This meeting was originally planned to discuss the Leaders & Trustees’s thoughts for the future, building on the very good feedback we received from the church at our vision discussion on 26 September. However since that time, much has happened, including Peter’s announcement and subsequent consultation week. We have already published the top-line results of that. There was also a lot of very constructive and detailed feedback that we now must consider.

Our planned next steps are:

a) Leaders & Trustees meet to discuss the consultation feedback in detail (which will be anonymised by the Trustees).

b) Church update meeting to discuss and pray about the future; based on the previous vision discussion meeting in September and the emails we received during the consultation week.

We will communicate the dates for the above in due course, but our aim is to have the Church update meeting during December or January at the very latest.

2. Evangelical Alliance

As we previously mentioned, we have kept The Evangelical Alliance up to speed on what is happening.

The next step will be a meeting between a subset of the Trustee group and their Leadership to discuss the terms of reference of an investigation of our past failings.

We very much welcome the involvement of the Evangelical Alliance, to give an independent and external perspective.

We feel this could also be an important part in our reconciliation process with those who have been hurt in the past.

3. Trustees email distribution list

The Trustees are an independent group within the church. We have legal authority over the fabric of the church, whereas the Leaders have the spiritual oversight, as you would expect. The trustees have an obligation to be independent and to step in where required from time-to-time. Over the course of the last few years Peter Linnecar has, at our invitation, attended many of the Trustee meetings, as an observer without voting rights, to help with coordination and alignment of purpose between Trustees and the Leadership group. To help in this regard, Peter was also on the distribution list of emails coming in to trustees@trinitychurchbrentwood.org.

However, in light of recent events we have now suggested to Peter that he be removed from that email distribution list, to which Peter agreed. This was done earlier this week. We apologise this was not done sooner; in hindsight we should have initiated this change on the day Peter made his announcement. If anyone sent an email during the consultation process, expecting it to only be received by the trustees we are truly sorry; we can confirm Peter has now deleted them all, and only looked at a small number as the emails were sent to the trustees. It was an oversight on our part, and we wanted to let you know and to confirm that this has now been rectified.

Now, only trustees plus our secretary see emails that come in to trustees@trinitychurchbrentwood.org.

If anyone has any concerns about this please let us know.

Ways to contact us

We thought it would be helpful to set out again the various ways you can contact the officials of the church and to list out the exact people who receive emails sent to each address:


Emails are forwarded on to the leadership group: Peter Linnecar, Jamie Coleman, Colin Cleminson, Joseph Mathai and Olu Adeniran.


Emails are forwarded on to the ministry team which includes the leadership group as above, plus the addition of Carolyn Linnecar, Meidre Cleminson, Simon Gowland, Eimsook Joung, Rob Whitaker, Villy Green.


Emails are forwarded on to the trustees only, who are: Jonathan Cope, Sue Barthee, David Atter, Melvyn Cooper, Adrian Cross, Mark Cooper, John Shelton, Bernard Elkin and Peter Embling plus the minutes secretary.


Emails leadership group, as defined above.

Independent pastor

If you would like to speak to an independent pastor in confidence, you are welcome to email Terry Mortimer at revtjmortimer@hotmail.com.

Please keep praying for us over the coming weeks.