Update from Trinity Trustees  on 19 November 2015

The following is a statement that I gave to the Brentwood Gazette on 6 November 2015:

‘The official report that was prepared by Phil Hills and David Shearman has been published, in full, on our website along with our action plan. The authors of the report deliberately excluded personal details of the statements made to them in order to minimise the risk of further hurt to those individuals or their families.

Copies of the official report and our action plan have been provided to the Charity Commission and the Evangelical Alliance.

After eight years in the role of senior Pastor, and after a period of reflection, Peter Linnecar has taken the personal decision to step down.

We recognise that we have much to do and are starting with a seven point action plan that will help us be the Church that Jesus Christ wants us to be’

The following is the content of an email dated 4 November 2015 that was sent to me by the Charity Commission:

‘Thank you for your email of 2 November together with the attached report and action plan.

The report demonstrates transparency in acknowledging the problems encountered by the charity in the past and how this has continued to affect some parts of the church and its beneficiaries. It’s clear from the action plan that has been prepared the trustees are committed to addressing these issues. I also note, from the charity’s web site that the Pastor is resigning from his post.

We have no further queries at this stage but I would appreciate you keeping me updated, in particular if the Police take any action in relation to the incidents that have been reported to them.’


Please keep praying for all involved.

John Shelton