Update from The Leaders and Trustees of Trinity Church

Following the report into our history by Phil Hills and David Shearman, we developed an action plan to endeavour to help all those who were hurt by our past, and to correct our erroneous culture to build a healthy church for the future.

The 7 point action plan is detailed here:

We subsequently felt that it would be better for people who had been hurt to merge points 2 and 3 into one independent Panel to maintain anonymity for those people who were hurt. However, recent feedback from the Panel is that it will be better to separate out the the two actions again. Therefore, after careful consideration, and discussions with Peter Jordan, we want to clarify that the independent Panel can only accept claims relating to counselling (item 2 on our action plan – see link above), and for anything else (item 3 on our action plan) please contact the trustees directly. We appreciate that will mean waiving anonymity. Please email by 30 June 2016, the closing date for correspondence about these subjects.


We are sorry for any confusion or further hurt this may have caused. We remain committed to doing the right thing – for both the people who were hurt by our past leadership, and for the people who are in the church today. Please keep praying for God’s wisdom for all.

Trustees & Leaders