Trinity leaders and trustees update on the action plan on 7 February 2016

We prepared a seven point action plan based on the Hills and Shearman report and want to give a progress report on the plan so far:

1. Individual contacts and apologies

Where representors are known to us, we have started to make contact to hear views on the past and to apologise where appropriate. Many people have chosen to remain anonymous, and of course we respect that decision. We also understand that some people may not want any contact, and we will completely respect those wishes.

2 & 3. Counselling and Reparation panels

We have combined the two panels into one, as we felt this will be most helpful for those who were hurt. The panel will be chaired by Peter Jordan, of Sawyers Church Brentwood. The other panel members have been chosen by Peter in conjunction with BADEF. They will remain anonymous and unknown to Trinity. They were chosen for their skills and professional experience. We thank you for your patience and we’ll provide more details soon. The panel will be operational by the end of February.

4. Biblical Teaching Programme

The leaders are working on this in conjunction with Phil Hills and David Shearman, with an emphasis on biblical doctrine from visiting speakers and our own leaders.

5. Rebuilding Trust

Trust will take a long time to rebuild. Communication is crucial to this process and greater involvement of the whole church body is needed, especially when key decisions are made. We believe that praying together as a body is a key to rebuilding trust.

6. Governance

In December we met a legal expert in church governance. We discussed a range of matters including ownership of assets, the articles of association, constitution and patterns of leadership. A few of the trustees and leaders are looking at future governance and will propose recommendations to the church for discussion and prayer.

7. Spiritual Leadership

The leaders and trustees are working on a transitional process in conjunction with Phil Hills and David Shearman. Jay Fallon has offered to assist the church on a weekly basis with our preaching and teaching needs during this phase. This is work in progress and will be reviewed every two months by all parties. We are working on the details and want to share these proposals in a discussion meeting at 4 pm on 21st February 2016. We are trying to work differently to the past; we want to be open and engage the whole church in important decision making. Please pray that God’s will is revealed to us all. Please feel free to talk to the leaders and trustees at any time. All we want is to be the church that God wants us to be.