Statement from trustees 9th November 2014

The Trustees would like to thank everyone who has written in response to the statement of Peter and Carolyn Linnecar dated 2 November 2014. We went through the responses in the middle of the afternoon today, by which point we had around 190 responses, and did an initial count and analysis ready for a special trustee meeting at 6pm. However there were many further messages that came in after our initial analysis and before or soon after the 6pm deadline, so we need to also give those their due consideration. We also need to ascertain the responses that went to the independent pastor, Terry Mortimer. Therefore we are not in a position to publish the findings tonight, although it is fair to say that the majority of responses expressed strong support in favour of Peter Linnecar staying on as Senior Pastor, supported by Carolyn Linnecar on the ministry team.

The trustees are treating everyone’s response very seriously, and we thank you for taking the time to write. There were many points and questions that were raised, each of which deserves a serious and considered answer. Many of the questions and points are also for the pastoral team to consider, to pray about and to act on. Please bear with us as we go through each response – we haven’t responded personally to many at this point purely due to the volume received. But we will respond to everyone who asked for a response.

We strongly feel that this week has been an important week in the history of this church. We also have, as a trustee group, a strong conviction that this has been another step on a longer path that God is leading us down as a church. We are excited about the future that God has for His church here, but we recognise there is a way to go, and there is more that can be done to reconcile us with the dear brothers and sisters who were hurt in our past.

You have our commitment that the trustees will endeavour to serve Trinity church to the best of our abilities. And that we will have a frank and honest discussion with the pastoral team about the many issues raised, most notable of which was the need to find an additional full time employed pastor, including considering someone who is not connected with our history. You also have our commitment that we will publish our analysis of the findings during the next week.

Please continue to pray for God’s guidance for the trustees over the coming weeks and months.

The Trustees