Statement from Trustees 3rd November 2014

Thanks to everyone who has emailed in to so far. We welcome all feedback.

Please be patient with us as we gather together all the feedback this week. We will consider all feedback prayerfully, before God, next week. However we will endeavour to update you on our website with any new developments or progress this week. Please remember that the Trustee group consists of voluntary workers who mostly also have day jobs which at times hinders our ability to action things as quickly as we would like.

It is worth mentioning that the message from Peter & Carolyn was for current members of Trinity Church Brentwood. We took the decision to publish it in full on our website as there were a number of people away, and we have nothing to hide.

We believe that God is at work here in Trinity Church. We also know that this is a very very important week in the history of Trinity Church, and we believe that God will, through His body here, our local church, provide us all with a clear direction for the future.

We thank everyone who has emailed in with support and love, and for your continuing prayers. We also thank the people who have emailed in with alternative opinions. To those who have expressed continuing hurt, if you would like to meet to continue the healing and reconciliation process please

Or for those who would prefer to speak and pray with an independent pastor, Terry Mortimer has agreed to fulfil this role. He can be reached on

Please pray for God’s guidance for the Trustees at this time, for God’s will to be revealed to each member of Trinity church and for His love to continue healing and reconciliation for all.