Statement from Trustees 2nd Dec 2014 (revised 4th Dec 2014)

Senior Pastor Peter Linnecar

We have heard that some people in our church are concerned that Peter Linnecar has resigned as senior pastor. We would like to confirm that this is not the case, and that Peter remains in the position of senior pastor. Peter has the whole-hearted support of the trustees and the leaders of Trinity.

As we published before, Peter also has support from the overwhelming majority of our church with 90% of members in favour of Peter staying on as Pastor, based on the feedback we received from the recent consultation.  We appreciate that many former / non members will not have replied to the consultation following the statement of 3rd November because Peter had said it was for existing members of our church. However, we did receive 14 messages from previous attendees and we have also considered their very useful feedback. We published the stats of their feedback for the sake of openness and completeness.  From the people who described themselves as former or non members, 68% of those who replied were in favour of Peter staying on as Pastor.

The trustees also previously reported on the views of many church members who fed back expressing a desire for clearer succession planning, which the Trustees take very seriously. What we said before on this website, on 13th November is:

“One of the most notable pieces of feedback was the issue of who would lead [the] church longer term; in particular there was strong support for an additional pastor to serve at Trinity church soon. Many people expressed a view that this person should be unconnected with our history. We will discuss and pray about this with all the officers of the church.”

You can find the full statement (and all previous statements) here.

Charity Commission update

As you would expect we reported the very serious allegation that we received, to all relevant authorities.

This included the Police, The Evangelical Alliance and The Charity Commission. Today we would like to update you on where we are at with the Charity Commission.

The Charity Commission have said it appears that the Trustees are dealing with the serious incident appropriately. To establish if there is any further role for the Charity Commission, they have requested to see the key findings from our investigations into the allegations, which we will of course do in due course. They have also asked us to let them know the outcome of any Police investigation that the Police inform us about.

Meeting with Nigel Davies

As we previously stated, we are meeting Nigel Davies on 6th December at Trinity Church.

This meeting will be for the trustees and the leaders to hear from Nigel.

Please continue to pray for God’s guidance and reconciliation for all parties at this important meeting.