Statement from Trustees 13th November 2014

As promised please see below the results of all the responses we received after Peter and Carolyn Linnecar’s message on 2 November 2014, up until the end of Sunday 9 November (we included all messages up to midnight that night).

We counted up all responses that came in to us, including all messages received to:

  1. The trustees email account
  2. Written letters to our church address
  3. Messages that came in via the independent pastor Terry Mortimer (anonymously)

We have included below, statistics of the feedback we received from both current members and people who described themselves as former members or non-members.

We know this has been an unsettling couple of weeks for our church.

In their message on Sunday 2 November, Peter and Carolyn were seeking the opinion the Church; they wanted to know the level of support they have.  We thank everyone who took time to pray about this and then write to us. In total we had 163 messages received representing 244 people in total (as some responded on behalf of their family).

The findings are a clear message of support for Peter and Carolyn today; the count shows that 90% of members and 68% of non-members / former members were in favour of Peter staying on as Pastor, with Carolyn in support, at least for the foreseeable future.

However there were many important issues raised, by many people, including both members and non/former members, and the trustees will endeavour to address them all, however long it takes. This will include open and frank conversations with the pastoral leadership team on the points raised.

One of the most notable pieces of feedback was the issue of who would lead church longer term; in particular there was strong support for an additional pastor to serve at Trinity church soon. Many people expressed a view that this person should be unconnected with our history. We will discuss and pray about this with all the officers of the church.

Please bear with us as we endeavour to respond to people who specifically requested acknowledgment of their email or asked a direct question, or asked several questions. There were 46 in this category and the trustees will try and reply within the next two to three weeks.

We also wanted to let you know that we had further dialogue with the Evangelical Alliance yesterday, to seek their advice and guidance. They are taking our situation forward to their National Executive Committee. We will let you know in due course how we will work together with the Evangelical Alliance, for the benefit of our local church, Trinity, and to help continue the reconciliation process. We recognise there is more that can be done to heal the hurts caused.

Thank you so much for all your prayers and messages of support. Please continue to pray for God’s Will to continue to be revealed over the coming weeks and months. We only want to do what is right before God, and serve you.

The Trustees

Summary of Responses
Members Non / Former Members Total
Messages Received 149 14 163
People represented 222 22 244
In favour of Peter staying 199 15 214
Against Peter staying 12 3 15
Abstain 11 4 15
Preference for extra pastor 31 0 31
Percentages Members Non / Former Members Total
In favour of Peter staying 90% 68% 88%
Against Peter staying 5% 14% 6%
Abstain 5% 18% 6%