Statement from Trinity Trustees & Leaders 1st March 2015

We have made progress on setting up the Commission, and can confirm the following:

The Evangelical Alliance has found and suggested an independent Chair, whose name is Rob James, and his background is outlined below. The Commission Chair has had an initial discussion on the phone with two Trinity Trustees (Jon Cope & David Atter) and Rob has agreed to be the Chair and to take over the responsibility for the Terms of Reference. Rob plans to discuss and agree the Terms with the other Commission Team members, and after the Terms are agreed by the Commission Team and signed off by the Chair, they will be published, hopefully within a few weeks.

The Commission will also set up a fully independent email address for anyone to reach out to the Commission with Testimonies, including indicating a desire to meet the Commission. This will be set up by Rob within 2 weeks of today.

The Commission will now take over all aspects of running their own process, and whilst updates may be given via the Trinity website, these updates will be clearly marked as updates from the Commission.

The Commission team consists of:

Pastor Rob James
Rob is a Baptist Minister, and has served the Baptist church for more than 30 years. He is currently the Pastor of a church in Pembrokeshire, Wales. He has also served on the Evangelical Alliance National Council for many years, and is Executive Chair of EA Wales. Rob is independent of Trinity.

Rev Terry Mortimer
Terry has been a minister for over 30 years and has served under Salvation Army, AOG and Elim denominations. Terry has already met and prayed with many people with a view to a peaceful reconciliation for those who wish it, including talking with Nigel Davies on the phone. Whilst Terry is known to Trinity, he is independent of Trinity.

Joan Dewhirst
Joan is a respected member of Sawyers Hall Church and is well known in the local community through her work with the Brentwood Schools Christian Worker Trust. Joan is independent of Trinity.

Neil Hornsby
Neil is a respected member of the Church of England and attends St Peter’s church in South Weald. Neil is independent of Trinity.

Julia McGahon
Julia is a respected member of Trinity Church. She has served as a Trustee in the past, but never as an Officer under Michael Reid. Julia is not independent of Trinity Church.

There will also be two further people involved: Rob’s wife, Mo, who will attend meetings alongside Rob, and an administrative assistant. The administrative assistant will be independent of Trinity.

The membership of the Commission team was discussed with Rob, including the fact that 80% of the voting members of the Commission are independent of Trinity. Rob has considered this prayerfully and has confirmed he is comfortable with the makeup of the team; which includes an overwhelming majority who are independent, and with one person who can represent the nature and culture of Trinity church as it is today; which was felt to be important.

The immediate next steps are: 1) for the Commission team to meet and agree the Terms, which will be published, 2) an independent email address to be set up by Rob and published, and 3) to publish how and when people can meet the Commission team to present testimonies.

Please continue to pray for the Commission. Pray for God’s wisdom for each Team member and for an outcome that brings reconciliation to all who seek it, for the glory of God.

Leaders & Trustees