Statement from Trinity Leaders & Trustees 8 Feb 2015

This statement updates everyone with the latest news about the Commission that we had mentioned previously.

Firstly we want to thank everyone for their inputs over recent months, including various testimonies supplied through Nigel Davies, and from others who have given us their testimony directly. We appreciate all the work in gathering these testimonies, to move the process forwards.

We sent proposed draft Terms of Reference for the Commission to Steve Clifford, General Director of the Evangelical Alliance (EA), for him to consider with others on the management team at the EA. The EA then fed back with suggested revisions which we considered and incorporated and sent back to the EA.

In the meantime we have been approaching people to be members of the Commission Team, which will be around five people including at least two women.

The next step is that the EA will suggest an independent Chair as soon as possible; however this may take a few weeks as the EA are keen to suggest the right person who is independent and an experienced Christian leader.

It is important that the Chair and the Commission Team are happy with the Terms and that they have the opportunity to amend the Terms before they are published.

We understand the desire for clarity and speed, and we share that desire. Whilst the process might take a little longer than we would like, it will mean the Commission is independent; and we consider that getting the Commission set up correctly at the start is in the best interests for everyone.

As soon as we are in a position to publish both the Commission Team and the Terms we will do so.

In all of this our overarching aim is for a process that brings Christian reconciliation with those who were hurt in our past whilst also allowing freedom and openness for Trinity to move forwards to live out the vision God gives us.

Trinity Leaders & Trustees