Statement from Leaders and Trustees, 11 January 2015

Following various statements from the Trustees, and the apology from the Leaders during 2014, we would now like to make the following joint statement:

The Leaders and Trustees are committed to work together even more closely during 2015 to better serve the congregation of Trinity Church and to continue to reach out to those who were hurt in our past and who wish reconciliation.

We stand by the spirit of our previous statements and apology, however we feel the time is right to move these off the homepage, and they can all still be found here.

We had previously promised an update on the developments of a Commission, and the Leaders and Trustees want to commission a team:

  1.  To acknowledge and document the good things that God did in our midst, and continues to do today.
  2.  To better understand the erroneous human behaviours and habits that the past leadership modelled and identify which ones became part of our habits or thinking or actions, that hurt others.
  3. To further reach out with the love of Christ to reconcile with anyone who was hurt in our past and who wishes reconciliation.

The overarching purpose of the report from the Commission will be to guide the Leaders and Trustees to help develop strategies to continue to avoid errors in the future and to continue our focus on the right behaviours as modelled by Jesus Christ, to build God’s Kingdom, and to further His vision.

The Commission Team will of course investigate around nine specific allegations (about six of which are currently anonymous) which have been brought to our attention during the latter part of 2014, and in particular during the meeting with Nigel Davies, Leaders and Trustees during December 2014. We are awaiting a follow-up email from Nigel, so that we can submit this to the Commission. Of course the Commission will hear from others that also wish to be heard.

Our previous commitments still stand, and the Commission will be open, transparent, and be led by an independent chair provided by the Evangelical Alliance (EA). The Commission will reach out with Christian love and compassion with a process that endeavours to bring peace and forgiveness. An anonymised version of their report will be published.

We will send the draft Terms to the EA soon, and following their input and mutual agreement with the Chair on the Terms, we will publish them, along with the names of the five or so people who will be members of the Commission Team.

The Commission will run their process with a view to reporting to the Trustees and Leaders before the summer. Whilst the Commission will review the past, it is intended that the output of the Commission will be a report that is used by the Leaders and Trustees to develop strategies and plans that further serve the Church, that further God’s Kingdom and continue to focus on Jesus Christ as the model to whom we aspire.

Peter Linnecar will continue to serve the church as the Senior Pastor, supported by the Leaders and Trustees. We are also considering all the feedback we received from the church including looking for an additional Associate Pastor to come alongside Peter to serve the Church.

Please continue to pray for the Leaders and Trustees, and the Commission, as we walk together with you, and with Christ as our guide over the following months.

Leaders and Trustees