Media statement: The future of Trinity School

Trinity School has provided Christian ethos education for hundreds of children and families over thirty four years. It has been the privilege of trustees, staff and many supporters to provide pupils with the teaching, learning and personal development that they have needed to gain a secure and strong start in life.

Following a period of static pupil numbers and rising costs, the decision has been made, after much discussion and a comprehensive review, to implement a phased closure of the Senior section of the school during the coming academic year. In an era during which state maintained schools have made significant improvements and the supply of secondary places in the locality exceeds demand, it has not been possible to increase the roll of senior pupils sufficiently to ensure financial viability.

The trustees are conscious of the considerable difficulties this decision presents to pupils, families and staff but are especially grateful to local schools for their willingness to support and assist us all in this challenging situation.

Our commitment now is to build on the success of the Nursery and Primary sections of the school and to move forward to enhance our provision as a dynamic expression of Christian ethos education suitable for the twenty-first century.

We are particularly grateful to Robert Whitaker, who retires at the end of this term as Head of Trinity School, for his supportive leadership and genuine care for pupils, staff and families. Robert observes that “although the radical restructuring of the school is painful for students, parents and staff it opens the way for the Primary and Nursery to thrive and achieve even higher standards. The focus on individual children and their needs and aspirations will not change and I have every confidence that Trinity School will flourish in the years ahead”.

John Shelton
Chair of Trustees

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