Leaders and Trustees Action Plan following the Report

The Report into Trinity’s historic culture was published to the Leaders and Trustees on 31 October 2015 and the following initial areas for action agreed.

  1. Each individual leader and trustee who has held office should reflect on the report and their own position. This reflection should consider especially, their culpability, by action or inaction, and whether there are any individuals to whom they need to make apology.
  2. We will consider and take advice on appropriate ways to offer support to those who may need further help to find healing from past hurt.
  3. We will seek to identify any circumstances where further restorative action may be appropriate.
  4. We will identify areas of biblical teaching that need to be addressed or emphasised in order to challenge those aspects of historic culture that are unhealthy and to counteract any confusion and insecurity that are a consequence of the past.
  5. We will work especially hard to rebuild a culture of trust, honouring all those attributes that add positively towards this and challenging those attitudes and behaviours that undermine trust.
  6. We will seek professional advice and expertise on establishing a structure of governance and leadership that is robust enough to protect us from the errors of the past while empowering and releasing ministry in an appropriate way.
  7. We will seek help in identifying the essential qualities and characteristics required by future leadership and establish a secure pathway of transition from our current position.