Christian Faith Ministries in Jos in Northern Nigeria runs several projects:

  • a Bible school where over 1,000 pastors and missionaries have been trained
  • safehouses for ex-Muslims who are being persecuted for becoming a Christian
  • community development projects which have a huge effect on peace making
  • an emergency relief funds that has helped thousands of victims of terrorism and extreme poverty
  • children’s homes and schools for thousands of orphans of terrorism and poverty
  • a medical centre


They are also helping pastors in several other countries such as Egypt, Cameroon, Chad, Niger, etc..

It’s a massive project and the needs are enormous. Therefore we would like to fill up the container that will leave end of September (with material from Trinity School) with as much other material as possible. Click here for a ‘wish list’ (which is also on the notice boards at Trinity Church) – please have a look at it.


Please note that there’s now an addition to the original list because of the needs for the medical centre.

People can also contribute to the shipping costs of the container, for which there is no budget otherwise.


CFM would very much like to buy their own printing press, because over the next few years they will need to print thousands of extra school books, theological books, gospel tracts, etc. However the total investment for this machinery, even second hand, would be approximately £15,000 so it will take a miracle for this to happen, but maybe someone has the right contacts with people in the printing industry or knows someone who is willing to sponsor this hugely important project that will help reach many thousands of people.

On a smaller scale individuals can also help sending one or two or more children to school. The cost for the school material per year per child is £5.00, which is explained below and also on the notice boards at church.

The cost for the school material per year per child is £5.00

If you can help, please URGENTLY contact Luc De Coster (07977 549438 – ) as the goods need to leave from Brentwood by 29 September! (Any computers and other electrical items need to be in Brentwood sooner as they need to be tested and certified to be in good working order.)