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Pastor Kevin Peat

Is the Regional Leader for Scotland and North West England and has been a member of Elim’s National Leadership Team since 2000, and ministers in Canada and New Zealand as well as the UK.

Kevin is married to Margaret.   In 1982 they began to attend Derby Elim Church where Kevin became Assistant Pastor and in 1990, they moved to lead Glasgow Elim Church in Scotland.   The church experienced a major move of the Holy Spirit and grew to around 400 people.

Kevin has a heart for seeing the leaders who minister under his care moving increasingly towards wholeness in order that they will more effectively minister to others.   Margaret currently administrates the region, is a primary school teacher and teaches piano.   Margaret too has a heart for seeing leaders released into their full potential in God.   She has published five books – find out more about them   here.

Phil Hills  will  be  joining  him on 25th October.

David Shearman

Is with us on the 1st  November.


The Upcoming Event


Friday  evening  16th  October   &   Saturday  17th  October  morning  &  afternoon

The  Wisdom  of  Ecclesiastes   –   An  invitation  to  thoughtful,  realistic,  joyful  and  active faith.


Ecclesiastes-Wordle (chosen one)


Rev. Dr. Knut Heim, Lecturer in Old Testament a Trinity College Bristol, will help us to discover the book of Ecclesiastes as an inspiration for life and a resource for ministry and discipleship.

He will provide fresh interpretations of the book, developing from his work on commentaries on Ecclesiastes for the well-known Tyndale Old Testament Commentary series (TOTC) and the Zondervan Exegetical Commentary on the Old Testament (ZECOT) series.

He will relate the wisdom of Ecclesiastes to the wider context of the Bible, the findings of the modern scientific study of happiness, modern economics, and his own personal experience as an ordained Christian minister.


Let us know if you are coming and would like to have lunch on Saturday 17th October 2015.  Please email:


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