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Mike & Elisabeth Sherwood join Trinity as Pastors for a year

Mike and Elisabeth have been in the ministry for over 40 years; and for the last five years have been working with Pastor Stephen Derbyshire at City Gates. This summer Mike felt challenged that an opportunity to pastor would come and was delighted to join Trinity Church.

Mike originally from Derby became a Christian at 17. Elisabeth met Mike at Elim Bible College. They have been privileged to have been involved in many ministry opportunities, in the U.K. and abroad. A key verse for them both is to love mercy and seek to walk humbly with their God.
Micah 6:8

The future of school – An evening with Stephen Harris

Trinity School Hall
Monday 24th October 2016 7:30pm

Stephen Harris is a globally recognised leader in education and innovation. Principal of Northern Beaches Christian School and founder of SCIL (Sydney Centre for Innovation in Learning) he is passionate about helping schools, families and communities to equip their children to thrive in the future.

Stephen is stopping off on an international tour to spend one evening with parents, staff and friends of Trinity School. We’re grateful for his generosity in giving us his time and welcome anyone who would be interested to hear his story and be inspired by the power of education to change the world.

Media statement: The future of Trinity School

Trinity School has provided Christian ethos education for hundreds of children and families over thirty four years. It has been the privilege of trustees, staff and many supporters to provide pupils with the teaching, learning and personal development that they have needed to gain a secure and strong start in life.

Following a period of static pupil numbers and rising costs, the decision has been made, after much discussion and a comprehensive review, to implement a phased closure of the Senior section of the school during the coming academic year. In an era during which state maintained schools have made significant improvements and the supply of secondary places in the locality exceeds demand, it has not been possible to increase the roll of senior pupils sufficiently to ensure financial viability.

The trustees are conscious of the considerable difficulties this decision presents to pupils, families and staff but are especially grateful to local schools for their willingness to support and assist us all in this challenging situation.

Our commitment now is to build on the success of the Nursery and Primary sections of the school and to move forward to enhance our provision as a dynamic expression of Christian ethos education suitable for the twenty-first century.

We are particularly grateful to Robert Whitaker, who retires at the end of this term as Head of Trinity School, for his supportive leadership and genuine care for pupils, staff and families. Robert observes that “although the radical restructuring of the school is painful for students, parents and staff it opens the way for the Primary and Nursery to thrive and achieve even higher standards. The focus on individual children and their needs and aspirations will not change and I have every confidence that Trinity School will flourish in the years ahead”.

John Shelton
Chair of Trustees

For further media enquiries please contact

Update from The Leaders and Trustees of Trinity Church

Following the report into our history by Phil Hills and David Shearman, we developed an action plan to endeavour to help all those who were hurt by our past, and to correct our erroneous culture to build a healthy church for the future.

The 7 point action plan is detailed here:

We subsequently felt that it would be better for people who had been hurt to merge points 2 and 3 into one independent Panel to maintain anonymity for those people who were hurt. However, recent feedback from the Panel is that it will be better to separate out the the two actions again. Therefore, after careful consideration, and discussions with Peter Jordan, we want to clarify that the independent Panel can only accept claims relating to counselling (item 2 on our action plan – see link above), and for anything else (item 3 on our action plan) please contact the trustees directly. We appreciate that will mean waiving anonymity. Please email by 30 June 2016, the closing date for correspondence about these subjects.

We are sorry for any confusion or further hurt this may have caused. We remain committed to doing the right thing – for both the people who were hurt by our past leadership, and for the people who are in the church today. Please keep praying for God’s wisdom for all.

Trustees & Leaders

Leadership of the school

The structure of leadership in the school is going to change in September 2016 – from having a single Headteacher to having a team of three Heads supported by a School Business Manager (SBM). There will be a Head of Nursery, a Head of Primary and a Head of Seniors, with a remit to focus on all the elements of educational provision in their sections. The new role of SBM is to manage the Administration, Finance, Marketing and Human Resource functions. It is a vital position requiring a team player with multiple skills and a commitment to making the whole school effective and sustainable. Please enquire for more info at

Update from Trustees 17 March 2016

The Reconciliation & Reparations panel is now up and running. You can request an
application form by contacting the panel either:

a) by email at


b) Trinity Reconciliation Panel, PO Box 12341, Brentwood, CM14 9PT

Please provide your address when applying. The panel will start to send out application forms during the week commencing 21 March 2016.

To confirm what we have said before: the panel is operating independently of Trinity. It is chaired by Peter Jordan, of Sawyers Church, Brentwood. Peter has selected a team to support him. BADEF (Brentwood And District Evangelical Fellowship) is providing oversight to the panel.

Any questions, please contact the panel by email or post as above. Please keep praying for God’s wisdom for the panel and for reconciliation for all.