Update and request from Kent & Ruth Hodge at Christian Faith Ministries in Jos, Nigeria

The trucks arrived safely in Jos. The team has been busy unloading the trucks, and making an inventory of all the contents. Some of the teddies have been given out the kiddies and other toys have been sent to our schools.

We saw the office equipment, the furniture, the carpentry goods, the gardening instruments, clothes, boxes of books and much more. Of course the three tractors and ploughs are a high light, as well as the solar equipment and generators. Please thank everyone who helped store the tractor and other goods and then ship them to Belgium.

This has been a huge blessing for all those people among us. There are many tools for our vocational department. I saw the power drills, and the lathe. These are great. We look forward to sending more photos as these are put to work in our training classes.

We are very grateful. This is a big help and encouragement to everybody. Thank you all who chipped in in some way!

Just to add a note here. We would love to build a properly made “Boys Scout/Girl Guide” type area, with rope climbing frames, obstacle courses and a flying fox activity centre on our site. This would draw thousands of youth from around the nation for Christian education and discipleship. If there is anyone with the knowhow and skills to construct this kind of park, would you like to visit Jos and help us put one up?

Love from all the team in Jos. All of us are honoured to have partnership with you in this blessing to north-eastern Nigeria.

Kent & Ruth




Mike and Elisabeth have been in the ministry for over 40 years; and for the last five years have been working with Pastor Stephen Derbyshire at City Gates. This summer Mike felt challenged that an opportunity to pastor would come and was delighted to join Trinity Church.

Mike originally from Derby became a Christian at 17. Elisabeth met Mike at Elim Bible College. They have been privileged to have been involved in many ministry opportunities, in the U.K. and abroad. A key verse for them both is to love mercy and seek to walk humbly with their God.
Micah 6:8